Hana “Gale” Soliogn

Fey Terrorist


An eladrin woman just over 100 years old, Hana spent most of her life as the property of House Soliogn, a family of Danoran mine owners. Having always felt an affinity to the fey history of Risur, Hana fled Danor a year ago and found her way to Flint, where her innate magical powers awakened. Initially sheltered by druids in the Cloudwood, once she learned to control her gifts she turned them toward revenge upon the Danorans. Gale can fly at will, control winds, and speak with birds, but has no directly offensive magic, so her tactics have relied on stealth and mobility to disrupt industrial endeavors that have backing from Danorans.

Gale has a huge chip on her shoulder and is highly distrustful of strangers. She has increased her attacks lately, ever since the defeat of Duchess Ethelyn of Shale proved to her that Risur’s rulers are just minions of Danor. With the aid of fey servants of the Unseen Court she is able to slip into the Dreaming when truly threatened, but so far the Unseen Court refuses to grant her an audience.


Hana “Gale” Soliogn

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