Wolfgang von Recklinghausen



A distinguished, intelligent, and poised gentleman in his late 30s, Dr. von Recklinghausen speaks elegantly with a hard-to-place accent. He appears fairly innocuous, though his sharply-groomed goatee and the rapier at his hip give him a hint of menace.

Born into wealth in a minor nation in the Malice Lands known as Arrovia, Wolfgang pursued medicine and magic, learning surgery in Danor and spellcraft in Risur. But as the dwarven writings of Heid Eschatol became popular in his homeland, Wolfgang became convinced this focus on death was short-sighted in a world where resurrection was a known—if exceedingly rare—occurrence.

After years of intense study and experimentation, his marriage in tatters and his fortune nearly depleted, Wolfgang finally achieved his goal of combining medical knowledge with sorcery in order to restore a corpse to life. The party might learn more in Adventure Four, Always on Time, but suffice it to say that six months ago Wolfgang fled his estate and made for Risur. Traveling on a Danoran visa, the doctor hopes to reach Ber and keep travelling as long as possible.


Wolfgang von Recklinghausen

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