Lorcan Kell

Crime Boss


Now in his fifties, the grizzled Kell grew up an enforcer for local gangs, then eventually murdered his way into a position of leadership. He does, however, possess a great knack for instilling loyalty in intelligent minions who can run operations for him. Now he feigns gentility, dressing in elegant clothing that conceals no fewer than eight blades at any time.

Kell is unpredictable and hot-headed, confident he can kill anyone who’s a threat, and when people try to stand up against him he takes it as an opportunity for entertainment. For him, nothing’s better for him than taking self-righteous do-gooders down a few pegs by showing off his power.

His seat of power is a theater in Parity Lake where scum are welcome and decent people are turned away. Kell’s guild of thieves practice their lies and legerdemain in the form of stage plays, often improvisational and with life-or-death stakes. Actors practice disguises and assuming unique personas, all the sorts of subtle techniques Kell personally never bothered with. He enjoys the shows, but his favorite game is to drag in a pair of random townspeople, and give one of them the choice of who of the two will receive a beating.

Kell is aware of the encroaching Family presence in his city, but he expects his “intelligent minions” to come up with a plan against them, not realizing that most of those minions are being wooed by Morgan Cippiano.


Lorcan Kell

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