Lya Jierre

Danoran Minister of Outsiders


An ambitious tiefling in her late 20s, Lya is the niece of Han Jierre, the Sovereign of Danor (her father is Han’s brother). She graduated top of her class from the prestigious academy of war, the Jierre Sciens d’Arms, and many students of other war colleges have read her thesis, Field Study of Melee Effectiveness and Foe Debilitation through Focused Limb Severance Techniques Contrasted with Mainstream Opportunistic Techniques, which she wrote near the end of the last Yerasol War.

Despite her youth, she was awarded the position of Minister of Outsiders, giving her great leeway to travel and make alliances. For the past three years she has worked with King Aodhan to keep the peace between their two nations.


Lya Jierre

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