Morgan Cippiano

Family Businessman


Morgan Cippiano, going on forty and stylishly bald, conducts Family business from the nondescript coffee shop in an immigrant-heavy neighborhood, occasionally going outside to encourage the kids playing street sports. Morgan came over from Crisillyir a few years ago with instructions to foster Family interests by recruiting Crisillyiri immigrants and any local Risuri followers of the Clergy who had a similar ideology.

A devout Clericist (follower of the Clergy), Morgan strives to keep a moral code while running a branch of a powerful criminal organization. He hopes some day to be seen as a father figure to his community, but for now he’s willing to smash a few heads and order a few throats slit in order to clear out the competition.

Though gruff-voiced and cocky, Morgan has an unusual fascination with fashion. He rejects trends, but has a good eye for classical styles that people of any culture can appreciate. He considers coffee quite fashionable, and is trying to convince more of his family back in Crisillyir to start drinking it so he can be a business contact.


Morgan Cippiano

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