Nilasa Hume

Deceased Terrorist


By the time the party encounters Nilasa she’s already dead, but details of her life can come out through investigation or magic. The illegitimate daughter of a blacksmith’s wife and the wood elf who seduced her, Nilasa left home as early as she could and spent her teenage years living off petty crime, with occasional stints of incarceration.

Several years ago she tried to give up crime and reform, and she found work in Heward Sechim’s alkahest factory. Her bold personality earned her many admirers in the streets near the factory, as well as at the Thinking Man’s Tavern in Bosum Strand, where Heward would occasionally bring his workers after a shift.

But she was drawn to the rebellious rhetoric of Gale, and so she joined up with the so-called “terrorist,” performing reconnaissance for acts of sabotage and using her old criminal connections to acquire illicit magic weapons and defenses. Shortly after Duchess Ethelyn’s failed attempt to kill King Aodhan, Gale decided to take a different approach, and recruited Nilasa to infiltrate the Danoran consulate. To aid her missions, Gale gave Nilasa a pendant—the canary in a coal mine—which allows brief bursts of flight, as well as money to buy various potions and elixirs.


Nilasa Hume

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